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The Ultimate Breastfeeding Guide

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  • Toddlers and Teeth?? – Ask our Pediatric Dentist, Dr. Ravel, DDS
  • Ultimate Breastfeeding Guide  Do you breast feed your baby?  See this!
  • Choosing the Right Daycare Place     Every parent, at some time, needs child care. Whether for an occasional evening out or a 40-plus-hour work week,  finding the right care isn’t easy.  Before starting your quest for child care refer to our comprehensive Daycare guide.
  • S.I.D.S. Info   Doctors have long known that low-birth-weight infants are at high risk for SIDS, but British researchers recently discovered that poor weight gain in the first weeks after birth may also be a factor.
  • Picking the right Caregiver      If you’re pregnant, or thinking about getting pregnant, it’s extremely important that you have access to good medical care and a primary care-giver with whom you feel comfortable. As many studies have shown, early and adequate medical care is crucial for your own health and your baby’s.
  • Why is my baby Crying?   Babies cry, and they always cry for a reason.  Newborn babies may cry when they are hungry, need changing or are craving to be held. Sometimes, they may just be having trouble adjusting to life outside the womb. But some newborn babies cry more than others, and the wailing may signal colic or another underlying medical condition.
  • Expectant mothers exposed to high levels of carbon monoxide in their third trimester have a 22% greater risk of delivering a low birth weight baby, according to researches at the University of California, Los Angeles. To minimize the hazard it is recommended that you follow these tips: Avoid driving during high-traffic hours whenever possible. See more information about pregnancy related issues on our pregnancy pages.