Back to School Tips

Your child is dragging his/her feet. No one wants summer vacation to end. Or do they? Sometimes children just need a little encouragement to actually admit that they are excited about returning to school, seeing old friends, and starting a new adventure in learning. Still, this can be an awkward phase for children transitioning between summer’s easy schedule and school’s more regimented one. Here are some easy tips to make your child’s transition an easy one, from a teacher’s knowledgeable perspective.

1. Start the transition slowly. Have your child start going to sleep a little earlier each day for the week before school.  Children need ample sleep to be able to meet the rigors of the academic day with successful attitudes.

2. Make school shopping fun. Get your child excited. Make him/her part of the shopping process. How? Read on!

3. Allow your child to choose some of his/her own clothing for school. Don’t give them free reign, but offer choices of clothing that you can afford and live with for your child.

4.Buy that special folder. If it’s a dollar more because it has some cartoon character on it, eat the extra dollar! Your child will be excited to show off his/her cool folder at school.

5. Look for child friendly tape, glue, pens, and pencils. A litter glitter and color can go a long way toward making a child feel good about his/her school supplies. It’s amazing!

6. Discuss BREAKFAST. Find out what your child will eat for breakfast and make him/her promise to eat breakfast on a daily basis. A hungry, tired child is not a child capable of learning.

7. Discuss GRADES. Decide to reward your child for improvement in his/her grades this year. Choose a reward that is not materialistic! Perhaps a day together at the zoo, or a trip to the movies together, might be your motivator.

8. Don’t Push for ALL A’S. Not that that wouldn’t be a wonderful achievement. Just remind your child that you expect him/her to do his/her very best at all times. Some children will always get all A’s and some will never get all A’s. Don’t frustrate a child who is trying his/her hardest by raising the bar out of their range!

9. Do go to the Open House and meet your child’s teacher.  Ask the teacher to tell your child what kind of fun learning adventures he/she has planned for the year. Young ears, eyes, and smiles seem to perk up at the mention of field trips. Ask about the field trips planned for the year.

10. Find out what your child does/doesn’t eat in his/her packed lunch. Plan the lunches together. My son was thrilled to show off his great lunch to other boys at school. It’s funny what things can excite children. Lunches are very important, however. Your child needs to be operating on a full tank, while zooming down the educational highway!

Remember that your attitude toward school goes a long way toward influencing your child’s attitude. Be involved. Be positive. Be active. Let your child know that you are on his/her side. Show him/her that you are excited about his/her academic career. Chances are your child will get excited, too.

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