Month 5

MONTH 5: weeks 16-20
Possible Physical Changes
See Months 2, 3, & 4. In addition, nasal congestion, nosebleeds, bleeding gums, mild ankle swelling, hemorrhoids, slight, whitish vaginal discharge, mild breathlessness, lackluster or shinier, fuller hair, worsening of allergies, decrease in urination frequency, iron deficiency anemia

Tests During Your Second Trimester

Possible Emotional Changes
See Months 2, 3, & 4. You may also be less focused and more forgetful as well as excited because you’re finally starting to show. You may now feel it’s safe to tell.

Possible Appetite Changes
Morning sickness usually subsides, increasing appetite. You may be tempted to overeat, although you require only 300 extra calories per day. Generally, you should gain 3 to 8 pounds the first trimester, 12 to 14, the second and 7 to 10, the third.

Ultrasound Images

The Inside Story
The fetus is about 4 inches long, the size of a small avocado, with the body beginning to catch up to the head in size. Fingers and toes are well-defined, tooth buds appear. You’ll probably start feeling the first fetal movements.

Sleep/Stamina Irregularities
Because fatigue typically passes by the end of this month, most women feel more energetic. It’s a good time to travel, although avoid flying in planes without pressurized cabins, and foreign locales requiring vaccinations.

Rx for Stress
To get a handle on “fuzzy” thinking, keep lists, engage in focusing techniques (yoga, guided imagery), find ways to simplify your life.

Special Risks
Gaining too little weight may jeopardize Baby and lead to premature birth, gaining too much may increase risk of backache, leg pain, C- section and postoperative complications.


Symptoms That Say “Call Your Doctor”
Same as Months 2, 3, & 4.