How Can I Keep My Child Safe from Things I Don’t Want Them to See?

Locating and purchasing the proper Parental Control Tools

At this time, there are three primary places from which parents can obtain parental control tools:

1.  Check with the local computer stores that retail software. They usually sell some of this “filtering” software.  Some different names of such software are as follows:

Netnanny CyberPatrol

3. Your Web Browser. You can also use certain Web browsers, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, to enforce parental control rating systems.

Keep an eye on other parental control tools, such as “safe areas” for kids, new types of rating systems, and search engines designed to find only information that has been approved for families.

Be Sure to Find Out Whether the Tool:

  • Has the protection features best for your family;

  • Can be used on the type of computer you have;

  • Requires a subscription fee after you’ve bought the product; and

  • Works with commercial service providers, with direct Internet connections, or with both.