Marilyn’s Q & A for Infants

BabiesDirect’s Infants Question and Answers is a FREE Online Question and Answer database by Marilyn Padget, a “Certified Parent Educator”.  The  idea of posting this database is to provide Parents with the answers to the most common Infant Questions and to bring education to parents who have Infants and have turned to BabiesDirect for answers.

Dear Marilyn:

Why is it unsafe to place my baby on his stomach when he sleeps?

Recent studies have shown that there is a higher risk for SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) to occur when a baby is placed on his stomach to sleep.  What we know about SIDS is that babies stop breathing unexpectantly and if your baby is face down there is more of a possibility for this to happen. Infants do not have the muscle control to move their heads from side to side if for some reason they could not breathe so this is a case of better safe then sorry.

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Dear Marilyn:

I am nursing my baby and wonder if it is okay to put my baby in bed with me?

Sleep sharing is one of the best things you can do for you and your baby. It not only will reinforce the bond between you and your baby but it will also allow you to get more rest as you can nurse your baby without having to get out of bed. Your baby will also develop your sleep pattern which will result in more restful sleep for both of you.

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Dear Marilyn:

What causes diaper rash?

Diaper rash is caused when a baby is left too long in a wet diaper.  Do everything you can to avoid the pain of diaper rash.  Check your baby’s diaper often and change a wet diaper immediately. Make sure each time you change your baby’s diaper that you dry him thoroughly, and apply powder which will help absorb moisture. A clean, dry baby is a happy baby.

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Dear Marilyn:

Why do babies cry?

Crying is a baby’s way of communicating with you.  Your job when she cries is to determine what message she is trying to convey to you. To find this out, use the process of elimination.  Is she wet?  Is she hungry? Is she too hot or too cold?  Is she sick?  Is she teething and so on.  One thing that will also help a crying baby is hearing your voice which will soothe her unlike anything else. Talk to her, sing to her, make eye contact with her and before long you will learn your daughter.  You will see that sometimes her crying changes depending on what she needs at the time which is a wonderful thing because when you hear her cry a certain way you will automatically know what she needs or wants.  If your daughter cries endlessly, let your doctor know so you can rule out the possibility of colic or any other aliment.

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Dear Marilyn:

How do I know if my son is teething?

There are many physical signs when a baby is teething. The first teeth that come through are the front lower teeth. Look at her gums, if she is teething they will be swollen, and may feel warm to the touch.  She will drool and will want to bite everything.  You may also notice a change in her behavior, cranky, restless, unable to sleep, crying more then usual.  Some babies will come down with a fever and a running nose as well.   Tylenol for babies and a teething ring will help. You can also buy teething medicine such as Orajel which will help with her discomfort.  Once her teeth break through her gums, she will be much better.

Dear Marilyn:

My four month old is starting to turn on her side and when I have her in the living room I am afraid that she may accidentally put her hand on a light socket, what can I do?

First and foremost you need to childproof your home.  Go to any hardware store and get socket covers for all of your electrical outlets.  You should also be aware of any other potential hazards such as cords, sharp objects, furniture with sharp edges, literally anything in her path.  I would also suggest that you do not lay her near any socket or anything else that can be a potential hazard.

Dear Marilyn:

Is it better to use cloth or disposable diapers?

This is really a personal choice on what kind of diapers fit into your lifestyle better.  Many people use disposable diapers for the convenience factor and the ones on the market today are very good and suited to our busy lifestyles.  Others prefer cloth diapers which are equally as good but involve a little more follow up then disposable diapers.

Dear Marilyn:

What is colic?

Colic is a condition that affects approximately one-third of babies.  Although there are several theories as to the cause, what we do know is that if your baby has it, he will cry excessively. In your effort to be an aware parent, it will definitely help you to keep track on when your baby seems to cry excessively even though he is not we or hungry.  If he cries the same time everyday, chances are he does have colic.  Check with your doctor as there are medications that can help

Dear Marilyn:

I am a new mother and very afraid that I am not holding my baby properly.  What is the proper way?

It is very natural for you to feel unsure being a new mother, but I am sure you are doing a wonderful job.  The main thing you want to do is make sure that when you hold your baby in your arms that she is held firmly, not tightly next to you and then her head is supported at all times. You will be surprised how easy it is. Relax and everything will be fine.

Dear Marilyn:

How important it is to burp my baby?

Very important so that you can help your baby get rid of the air that is taken in when she is feeding.  It will also keep her from having stomach pains.   Gently pat her on the back and if she does not burp right away, keep at it. A word of caution, keep a cloth nearby because many babies will bring up some milk at the same time!