Age 7

Age 7

At the age of seven children begin to calm down a little bit. Your child will begin to reason and concentrate. He will be self-critical, worry and may express a lack of confidence. Your child may not like being singled out, even for praise and he will demand more of the teacher’s time.

At seven-years-old, your child is continuing to learn about herself and others. You can help by encouraging him as he:

* Develops a concept of himself.
* Begins to understand others.
* Gains respect for others.
* Builds relationships with others.
* Develops a sense of responsibility.

Signs of Difficulty

The second-grade student who has had trouble in first grade will continue to have trouble in school unless the problem areas have been addressed. This can be done through special help from the teacher, parents, or tutors. Continued success in school will set students on the road to future success in school.

Your child will have trouble if they aren’t able to: Read fluently enough to comprehend materials, write legibly, spell most words they are using correctly, add and subtract basic facts to twenty without hesitation and participate within a group.

* How to buy the right Toy for Ages 6 through 12
o For all children, adults should check toys periodically for breakage and potential hazards. Damaged or dangerous toys should be repaired or thrown away.
o If buying a toy gun, be sure the barrel, or the entire gun, is brightly colored so that it’s not mistaken for a real gun.
o If you buy a bicycle for any age child, buy a helmet too, and make sure the child wears it.
o Teach all children to put toys away when they’re finished playing so they don’t trip over them or fall on them.

Skills Your Child Should Learn this Year

There is lots of review in second grade so that children truly master all the skills presented in first grade. They will also learn to recognize familiar words more rapidly, read new words, add and subtract faster, compose more complex sentences, spell many new words, and increase their reading and speaking vocabularies