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Since 2001, BabiesDirect is your complete resource for pregnancy, prenatal and baby information.  We have an extensive an ultimate breastfeeding guide. Created by parents for parents with children.  BabiesDirect has free online pregnancy tools, preconception and prenatal tools that include an ovulation calculator, baby due date calculator, birth planning, pregnancy follower, week-by-week pregnancy guide and conception date calculator.  We also have prenatal tools plus FREE article downloads. Articles on pregnancy, prenatal information, babies, toddlers and infants. Pregnancy week-by-week and month-to-month info. Our panel of experts are here to answer your questions.


KidsDirect is your complete resource for Kids and children. Designed for better parenting in mind. Helpful information on and children and kids. Created by parents for kids. Up to date articles on children and kids, with FREE online games and FREE downloadable games. KidsDirect is a Child Safe Site that promotes fun and happy times with your kids.  Children are our future and should be thought of as special people with great ideas.  Never shun your child’s ideas, rather allow them to flourish like a ideas of our fathers did.


ParentsDirect is your complete resource on parenting for moms and dads. Designed with “better parenting” in mind for mothers and fathers. Created by parents for parents. Up todate articles on child recalls, answers to thousands of questions, complete fathering section. We created this website for informational purposes geared towards better parenting around the world. Our staff is dedicated to all kids and spreading the word about proper care for children of all ages.  Too often children become our last priority and should be our first.  The site is also created with the all families in mind that  are out there going through their day-to-day battles to raise their children with proper education, values and morals in today’s changing world. We want to provide information for families who are planning on having children and support the ones who are currently expecting newborns. Thank you for showing interest in our site and  we hope you have enjoyed your visit with us.  We are constantly updating and changing our site so please visit us often.  Now let’s go do the battle together and raise our children to be better citizens and a future that we can rely on 110%!  We are located in beautiful Huntington Beach,California…. surf capital USA.