Month 12 (Second Month after Birth)

Possible Physical Changes
Fatigue, pain in perineum, constipation, gradual loss of weight, noticeable hair loss, achiness in arms, legs and back from carrying Baby.

Possible Emotional Changes
Elation, blues, deepening love for and pride in your newborn, growing sense of confidence, feeling pressured to return to normal routine even though you may not be physically or emotionally ready, perception of your body more as a source of nurture (and nutrition) for your newborn and less as a source of sexual pleasure, anxiety about leaving newborn with other caregivers.

Possible Appetite Changes
Slowly returning to pre-pregnancy diet, appetite Increases if you’re breastfeeding.

The Inside Story
See Month 11.

Sleep/Stamina Irregularities
See Month 11. May feel less fatigued as you find ways to match your sleep/rest cycles with Baby’s. (Some mothers feel that keeping Baby with them at night helps.)

Rx for Stress
See Month 11. exercise , practice relaxation techniques, simplify, prioritize, ease back into being sexually active if it feels right for you, firm up daycare arrangement, make plans to return to work.

Special Risks
Lingering postpartum depression .

Symptoms That Say “Call Your Doctor”
Same as Month 11 . Call your physician if you experience two or more signs of chronic postpartum depression: inability to sleep, lack of appetite, no interest in yourself or baby, feeling hopeless, helpless, or out of control.