Age 8 – 11

This is the age when your child begin to use and experience the computer directly and appreciate more fully the potential of use of the Internet. Your child can learn to utilize online encyclopedias and downloaded pictures and graphics in their school reports and projects.

You want to make sure that the guidelines and rules for using the computer and the Internet are ser and closely monitor what your child is doing with the computer. As your child grows older and gains more independence it is important that you stay on top of the situation and give him or her guidance on how to use proper materials. It is also important that you teach your child what online advertising is all about and what is the idea behind it because children at this age are being targeted by many advertisers.

Make sure that your child does not have an access in credit cards and instruct him or her to get your permission before ordering or participating in online activities. It is also important to teach your child what anonymity means in cyberspace and why is it important not to give any personal information out. Keep on eye on the time that your child spends with the computer because you do not want to let that get it out of the hands.