Go To This Assistant’s Fundamental Rules

Parents Online “Assistant” to the World Wide Web Part II


The Fundamental Rules

  1. Focus: on the actual experience of Internet, web surfing and computing and what it has to offer, not necessarily understanding how to build or manufacture a computer.  You don’t have to understand electronics to get money from an automatic teller machine. You don’t have to know how to grow vegetables to eat them. You don’t need to understand EVERYTHING about computers to understand how and why your children will benefit from one.

An easy jaunt to an electronics depot, a school or a public library can introduce you to computers and the internet. Most sales people at electronics stores are used to working with learners and most of them are good teachers hoping to close the deal. Once you begin to experience on the Web it gets much straightforward to plot a course.

2.  Do Research:  Fooling with a new and innovative technology can be incorporated into your everyday lifestyle.  If you visit a friend with a computer ask them anything and everything about it.  Ask and question them about the Internet.  Word of mouth is the best (and the least expensive) education you can receive on computers.  If your child is in a school with computers probe the faculty if you can sit in with them and learn WITH them.  Parents and children of all walks of life can extremely benefit from the day to day uses of computers. Just remember, it is proven that the involvement with parents and children together is an essential feature for the learning victory. The parents ultimate target is to gain knowledge of this new medium as much as possible with your child to explore new times and above all HAVE FUN!!

3.  Watch the Kids like a hawk!

Please create strict rules with the computer and implement them while keeping the entire thing focused on upbeat learning and joy. Probably the best and most enjoyable things having to do with this new technology is that it gives you plentiful, fresh chance to learn and have fun together with your child. Here are some guidelines:

          4.  Sit along side one another:  Start this new frontier together at the same time.  Set a certain time to cruise the computer together taking the bumpy roads and the great times all in stride.  If your child has computer experience already, let them show you the ropes.  this can do wonders for your child’s confidence when they can teach you.   Ask your child to explain what he or she is doing and why.  Ask your children to tell you what they are doing at school with computer….have them show you.  Ask to see what they know and have learned in computer class.

          5.  Construct a schedule:  Transfer TV time to computer time.  Everyone knows that parents and kids have time restrictions with everything, so scheduling and organizing time is very important in learning this new subject and also it will assist in helping your children become more organized and with it!

          6.  Keep an EYE on the time with the computer:  Keep the computer in the living room or the kitchen and not in the child’s room.   Charges for online stuff are credit card and or phone charge based so look there for any and all out of the ordinary charges.  Confirm on what your child is doing with the computer.