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  • Ready to go to School for the First time?
    by Lilian Katz, Ph.D.
    The details of registration, immunization requirements, and information about arrangements for transportation, snacks, or meals are best attended to by the responsible adults well ahead of September. It is often helpful to find out from the school what school personnel expect of entering kindergartners in terms of self-reliance.
  • ParentsDirect Online Assistant (this is good!)
    It seems like there is a whole new world for kids and parents. From computers to software to the World Wide Web……there are so many new things, yet little guidance for parents trying to do the right thing.  That’s why we wrote this.
  • Kids Safe Web Surfing
    There are a lot of fun and educational things to do on the web for kids. There are also a lot of people and web sites, and you need to be careful. Here’s some things to remember.
  • Email Safety for Children
    Be careful how you respond to E-mail from people you don’t know. Remember, the sender might not be who he or she seems to be. Never send a photograph of yourself or any personal information to someone you don’t know.
  • Soda’s Hidden Hazard
    Besides being high in sugar and low on nutrition, soma may also harm kids’ growing bones, says recent Harvard Medical School study. Researchers speculate that the phosphorus in carbonated drinks may weaken bone or even interfere with its information. What can you do to as a parent? Encourage healthy beverage choices from an early age. Serve milk often, keep cold water handy during play time and pack 100% juice boxes for lunch and trips. Treat soda as a sweet indulgence, like candy or cake.