Summer Money-Making Ideas for Kids

Summer Jobs can include:

Kid Sitting, Car Wash Service, Lawn Care Service, Pet Care Service and Odd Job Services for neighbors.

CHILD CARE: If you like kids, this is an excellent opportunity. Busy parents are willing to pay well for a good, dependable sitter. Pass out flyers and let folks know you are available.

CAR WASHING: People who care about their cars need them washed at least once a week. Find out what a local car wash charges and set your prices a little lower. If you do a good job, you’ll have business all summer.

PET CARE: Earn money by offering to groom pets, give flea baths, clean fish tanks, or pet sit when your neighbors go on vacation.

LAWN CARE: Still one of the best ways for kids age 10 and up to earn money. Offer a complete line of services including mowing, edging, weeding, trimming and flower bed maintenance. Or specialize in one service. Make it your goal to build up a list of regular weekly customers.


CURB PAINTING: Use stencils to paint house numbers on curbs so delivery people and emergency vehicles can find houses easier. Kids who charge $2-$4 per job have earned up to $50 a day.

MORE THAN A LEMONADE STAND: Add crushed fruit or club soda and advertise “gourmet lemonade.” Or offer more choices: iced tea, sodas, goodies you bake or handmade craft items. If customers don’t come to you, load your stand up in a wagon and go to them. Get permission to sell at a neighbor’s garage sale, across the street form the park or pool, or at the tennis courts.

MAID-FOR-A-DAY: Be a personal assistant for one day. You can do anything from closet cleaning to shining shoes or helping someone throw a party

KidsDirect’s Ten Tips for Young Entrepreneurs

  1. Treat all people honestly and fairly all of the time.
  2. Set realistic goals for your business. No idea is too small. You don’t want to take on too much too soon.
  3. Take your time and pace yourself. Trying to expand too fast can backfire.
  4. Don’t expect riches. If you’re thinking of starting a business for fast cash or for financial reasons only, STOP! It normally takes years of hard work before you start to see a real profit.
  5. Use your time wisely. Remember to maintain a healthy balance of activities in your life.
  6. Stay focused on your goals. Don’t let temporary setbacks get you down.
  7. Don’t depend on family members and friends alone to be customers. Find customers in your community, in your state or across the nation.
  8. When interpreting detailed paperwork, don’t be afraid to ask for help from an adult.
  9. Be a professional. Dress neatly and be dependable, punctual and courteous.
  10. Reinvest some of your profits back into the business. Thinking long-range is a great way to ensure the continuous success of your business.

Excerpted from GIRLS AND YOUNG WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS: TRUE STORIES ABOUT STARTING AND RUNNING A BUSINESS PLUS HOW YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELF, by Frances A. Karnes and Suzanne M. Bean. Copyright 1997, Free Spirit Publishing Inc., Minneapolis, MN. All rights reserved.