Preparing the Nursery

Let’s Prepare the Nursery with this Shopping list

It is good to prepare a nursery ahead of time before the baby is born. This way you will have one thing less to do when the baby is brought home. By buying the basic items and doing a little bit of planning, you will be able to create a stimulating and practical nursery for your baby. For decorating remember to use colors to give stimulation for your baby.


  • cradle, bassinet, or crib

  • bumper pads in the crib

  • fitted sheets

  • receiving blankets

  • warmer blanket, quilt, or comforter

  • music box, tape player, or CD player


  • cloth or disposable diapers

  • wipes or washcloths

  • diaper-rash treatment

  • diaper pail with locking lid

  • changing table

  • Vaseline for the Circumcision (if needed)

  • Rubbing alcohol for the umbilical cord



  • T-shirts

  • nightgowns, stretch suits, and blanket sleepers

  • a couple of outfits

  • machine-washable sweater

  • several pairs of stretchy cotton socks

  • hats

  • mild laundry soap (Dreft brand)

  • Diaper covers or plastic pants if you’re using cloth diapers


  • bottles with nipples and caps: 12 if bottle-feeding, a few if breastfeeding

  • if breastfeeding, breast pump, nursing bras, and nursing pads

  • extra cloths or small towels for burping



  • baby bathtub

  • extra mild bath soap

  • baby shampoo

  • bathing sponge



  • car seat

  • stroller or carriage

  • soft baby carrier


Play and comfort

  • mobile for crib

  • plastic crib mirror

  • pacifiers

  • swing


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