What Possibilities can Computers and the Internet Offer for Your Child?

The most important fact is that they can help our children learn variety of skills just by using information resources and technology. These important skills are: problem-solving, fact-gathering, analysis, using the computer for writing and programming (just to mention some of the key skills)— which all of these are the type of skills that employers seek from their future workers.

A new world can open and vast general knowledge can be build for our children by using the computer and the internet. The global distances will become smaller since the computers can unite hundreds of children around the world to share their knowledge and opinions for example in a school project. Email offers an instant way for your child to share his or hers opinions and experiences with other children around the word. Only thing is that you want to monitor the emails to make sure that it is only harmless kids stuff and the situation is safe for your child. By using a internet filtering software you can also make sure that your child won’t receive any unwanted emails. Children with special needs can also participate in socializing and learning by using the computer and the Internet and have fun.

What are the negative situations that may come up for your child from using the computer and the Internet?

Computer alone can’t teach your child and guarantee a success in school life. Children still need the old-fashion individual attention and guidance from a teacher and their parents. Computers are just a new way to help the learning. Computer time should not be taken from the quality family time that children need or from the time that is needed for the children so that they can take care of their responsibilities such as homework

Computer should not substitute time that children need to spend outside playing, socializing and taking part in activities. We don’t want to raise our children to be the slaves of the computers when they grow up. There are so many other important aspects in life that children need to be a part of and grow up with. They need healthy and strong relationships with their parents and other important people around them, especially adult role models who will  and need to give the children the structure and guidance in their lives. The internet is not a baby-sitter and by abusing it its positive factors will turn to be negatives.


What can computers and the Internet do for you and your child?

They can be an effective and great way for you to spend more time with your child on educational and recreational activities. Researches have shown that parents involvement in a child’s education is one of the key factors for success. Computers also offer a way for you to connect with what your child is learning in school and be involved in general. Computers and the Internet can also help you teach and expose your child to information, experiences and educational subjects that you value.

Computers and the Internet are a great way to stay in touch actively with your child’s school activities and schedules, teachers and homework assignments. Schools are now starting to offer parents these options via e-mail and school websites.