Clothing: Keeping Your Baby Warm

Newborn babies need to be kept warm and comfortable. Your newborn doesn’t have the ability to adjust his body temperature the way you do, so you need to keep him at the right temperature. Here are some tips for keeping the baby at the right temperature:

Use your own outfit as a guide. Dress your baby as you are dressed plus one thin layer. If you’re wearing a T-shirt and shorts on a nice warm day, then your baby will be comfortable if he is similarly covered, perhaps with an added undershirt. If you think you will need a sweater, so will your baby.

Keep your home temperature at 68 to 70°F. This is a comfortable and even temperature which won’t require your baby to be bundled up all the time.

Avoid drafts. Don’t place your baby near the draft of an open window, open door, or in front of a hot- or cold-air register that blows air. Be aware of ceiling fans since they can create a breeze that’s too cool.

Go for the layered look. Use undershirts and easy-to-remove tops to layer clothing for warmth.

 Put a hat on baby. Keep your baby’s head covered in cold weather,  when his hair is wet and also in the sun.

Don’t overdo it. Babies need to be warm, but not hot. If your baby feels too warm, remove clothing.


Dressing your baby for a trip outdoors
When you’re taking your baby outdoors here is how to keep him cozy and comfortable:

  • Dress your baby appropriately for the weather.

  • In cold weather cover the baby’s feet, hands, and head.

  • In warm weather, you don’t need to keep booties on your baby.

  • For car trips on cold days, make sure the car is warm first before loading your baby inside.