Marilyn Padget

Mission Statement

What has happened to our society that children no longer experience childhood with a joyful and carefree abandon. How has our society gotten to the point where children are killing children, babies are having babies and drugs and alcohol have replaced soft drinks and chewing gum.  The world has moved ahead so fast over the last few decades and unfortunately with this growth there has been erosion of the family unit. It is time to get it back.

Families come in all combinations and sizes. What makes a family is not determined by the make up of the family, but by the foundation we give our children; such as, unconditional love, nurturing, respect, protection and most importantly, a positive self image because how we see ourselves determines who we attract to us.   If we can instill this in our children they will grow up to live happy and productive lives and will not allow negativity to impact them.

About Marilyn

Marilyn Padget is President and Founder of PosiTive Strokes Worldwide and the PosiTive Strokes Teen Council.  She is a certified parent educator and motivational speaker. Her passion is children and she is an avid promoter of parent and teacher awareness. She speaks at many organizations and businesses, teaches parenting and self-esteem classes, conducts workshops and works with many families and individuals.

Marilyn has developed an innovative program designed to educate teachers on how to handle problems in the classroom and does training sessions for teachers. She also serves as a parenting consultant for the First Lutheran PreSchool of Van Nuys. Through her efforts, parents and teachers learn to work together for the same goal, the well being of our children. She writes a column called  “Ask Marilyn” where teachers and parents alike can get answers to problems or questions they may have. She has designed a special seminar for teachers called

“Remember Why You Became A Teacher” to help motivate teachers to give 100% of themselves and their knowledge to educate our children.

Marilyn has initiated many programs such as: The Single Parent Dad; Parenting 2000; Children of Divorce; Teacher Awareness and much more. She writes articles which currently are featured on the Internet and is teaching a Parenting School online. She works with many family law attorneys and is a part of ReSolution.  She does children observations and works with many social services offices throughout California. She is proud to be associated with the following websites as a parenting expert/and or advisor:  Kidsdirect; Parentsdirect; BabiesDirect Parents Database; International Network of Children and Families; Expert Resource Center; Positive Parenting

“To give happiness to our children, we must find it within ourselves”

– Marilyn Padget