Breast Soreness

Some women adjust better for breast feeding than others. Just remember that breast feeding takes practice and be patient. And if you are not successful in breastfeeding at least you tried and will be recognized for it. Not all women are built to breastfeed by nature anyways. An other thing that may not be the most comfortable feeling is sore breasts. Breasts can get achy and swollen as you produce milk. For cracked and painful nipples, you can try breaking open a vitamin E capsule and rubbing a drop or two of the liquid on your nipples and areola after nursing and let your skin air-dry. The oil is soothing and can repair damaged skin. Avoid skin-drying soap when washing and let your breast air-dry after showering instead of using an irritating towel. Water is really all that is needed, alcohol or breast creams are not necessary. Also be sure to select a proper nursing bra that will adjust better to those bigger-than-usually breasts. You may want to look for nursing bras made of cotton instead of those made from nylon, which can be irritating.